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Meet the brain behind Silva Productions

Hey there, I’m Silva, your video editing Whiz.

I’ve got some serious skills with Adobe CC, mastering the art of storytelling, color grading, sound design, and motion graphics.

But here’s the kicker: I’ve got over 17 Million views under my name. Yep, you read that right – I’ve been around the block.

Whether you’re into long-form or short-form content, I’m your guy. I can adapt to any style and meet tight deadlines. I’ll even throw in unlimited revisions to ensure your vision is perfect.

The best part? I live for those moments when projects come to life. And I’m always staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends and tools.


In 2022, 30% of social media marketers invested more in short-form videos than in any other social media marketing strategy, resulting in an exceptional return on investment.

Short videos are really good for getting people’s attention and keeping them interested. When videos are short, more people tend to watch the whole thing without stopping in the middle, which is like saying not many people get bored and leave. This also helps the videos show up better when you search for things online and makes more people like and interact with them.

Today, short videos are really popular. Many people, especially younger ones, are watching videos that are less than one minute long. Big social media websites are now letting people make short videos. This helps more people see and make videos. So you need to stand out.

People tend to watch these videos for a longer time, which means they hold their attention better. More than half of the videos watched on phones are under 5 minutes long, so short videos are great for people who use smartphones.

My rates vary depending on your project’s complexity, style, and length. To get an accurate price, please contact me directly via email at Let’s discuss your project’s specific requirements, and I’ll provide you with a customized estimate.

To discuss your video editing needs, please reach out to me via email at I’m committed to responding promptly and helping you bring your creative vision to life.

Yes, I take your project’s confidentiality and security seriously. I maintain strict privacy measures to ensure your content and information are safe and protected throughout the editing process.